Madison Mckinley

Madison McKinley may very well be the hottest and freshest face on the Hollywood scene. “Who is this Madison McKinley, and have I seen her?” You may ask. Unless you live in a bubble, you have probably heard of her, and her face is about to become much more familiar. McKinley has been acting since 2007, and now she has acting roles on Damages Season 4, in the Smurfs 3 D Movie, NYC 22, and Americana.

Madison Garton

Madison McKinley is best known for her work on ABC's The Bachelor, where she gained infamy as Fang Girl. Yes it's true, she actually wore fangs on the Bachelor. Although she freaked out many of her fellow contestants, The Bachelor himself, Brad Womack, was smitten by her beauty. He even thought her fangs were a turn-on. In the 15th  season of the show, Madison McKinley may very well be the most memorable contestant. You may not recognize her name (yet), however, you surely know her work on The Bachelor.

From 2007 to 2010, McKinley had a very busy and successful modeling career. In that time, she also appeared on “30 Rock,” “Kings,” “Michael and Michael Have Issues,” “Rescue Me,” and “White Collar.” 2011 was good for McKinley; she made waves again when she was hired for a small role on DIRECTV Damages Season 4 to play as a model. Although it was a small role, the fact that she went topless brought a blaring question across the blogosphere: Is Madison McKinley at it again, building her name with the “shock factor?” For the first time in her acting and modeling career, she bared her breasts for all the world to see. The blogosphere went nuts - was this another publicity stunt to gain fame recognition? This year, Mckinley has acting roles in NYC 22 and Americana.

Let's look at the “controversial” appearance. To start with, she was not inside a sex scene, nor did she show full frontal nudity. The scene itself wasn't gratuitous. She was over sleeping bed, with the ruffled covers not fully covering her. It was harmless and real. Obviously, there was a naked man and woman in the bed, but which was germane to the plot. So, what is the big deal about Madison McKinley going topless for “Damages?”

Madison Mckinley

For now, McKinley's toplessness is a one-time thing. It was not gratuitous, nor was it a shocking sex scene. It wasn't full-frontal, nor was it “full rear,” which another actress in that episode was. So, was it a publicity stunt by Fang Girl, or was it a natural progression in her acting career, and any actress on “Damages” would do? You can decide for yourself.

While answering the question yourself, add this little snippet of data to your deciding factors: Madison McKinley, the girl who wore fangs on The Bachelor, is also in the Smurfs 3 D movie, where she plays a little role as a model. There's nothing controversial about her scene - it's a kid's movie!

Madison McKinley is poised to become the freshest face of 2012. She wore fangs on the Bachelor and followed up with a topless scene on Damages. Now, in the definite change of pace, Madison McKinley has acting roles in the Smurfs 3 D movie, NYC 22, and Americana. Say what you need about her, but she's making it in the dog-eat-dog world of Hollywood!

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